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2016 Examination Paper

Description: About 8.4 hours of video tutorial recorded on 6 videos. The primary purpose of this video course is to help students in their preparation for Mathematical Methods 3 & 4 VCE exam. The core of video lessons is questions of original (without any changes), 2016 past examination paper. Video lessons were designed to help students in a short time to consolidate knowledge of the subject, increase confidence, reduce stress and maximise exam performance. All this is done, not only by fully working out each question on white board by Maths Tutor, but also by deep revision of knowledge needed for each question followed by comments on how to apply that knowledge on other exam style questions.

To see full content of video lessons, go to "Lessons & Pricing page and click on "click here" button in instruction paragraph.

To ensure that students will have all benefits of using our video lessons this for their exam preparation, the other important elements of exam preparation were build-in throughout all questions, such as:
  • All questions, Maths Tutor is working out and giving concise explanation of each step.
  • Short, but concise revision of a chapter or part of chapter relevant to each question was given
  • Analysis of students’ weaknesses in some areas of knowledge whenever question indicates them, and concise explanation of concepts needed to improve those areas of knowledge.
  • Advices on how to avoid commonly made mistakes on exam for each suitable question.
  • Explanation of recognizing examination requirements for each question.
  • Advise on how to show to examiner (by working out question) understanding and evaluation of the concept needed for the question.
  • Presentation of proven and useful examination techniques and how to think on exam.
  • Advise on how to prepare (at home) for exam.
  • How to maximize exam performance.
  • Advise on how to organize and use reference bound material

This is another one great video tutorial course for exam preparation and deep revision. This course was created by the same Maths Tutor with more than 35 years of experience in teaching/tutoring high school Mathematics

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