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Year 11. Functions. Relations and Transformations of Graphs

Description: About 10 hours of video tutorial recorded on 6 videos, followed by pdf text reference (about 55 pages). Each video has its title, depending on content of that video. The content of this tutorial package is:

  • To understand the difference between function and relation as well one-to-one and many-to-one functions.
  • Domain and range of a function and, especially, how to find maximal (implied) domain for different types of functions.
  • Inverse function and key concepts in solving questions involving inverse functions.
  • Transformations of graphs and how to apply standard formula for transformation, as well addition of ordinates as a special method of transformation and sketching graphs.
  • Detailed analyses and steps to sketch graphs by transformation method of the following functions: parabola, cubic function, quartic function, hyperbola, truncus, square root function as well circle and semicircle.

In addition of reasonable volume of theoretical interpretation, there are about 120 questions developed and worked out, every step, on white board by Maths Tutor with over 35 years of experience in teaching/tutoring high school mathematics. All questions were created on the bases of commonly asked students’ questions, past tests, SAC’s and exams, including plenty algebra, application of mathematical theory and development of mathematical concepts and all this with strong focus on tests and exam requirements.

The aim of our video lessons is to consolidate students’ knowledge in all mathematical areas studied earlier and during year 11, as well, to rise their understanding of final VCE examination requirements and on that way to enable them to be well prepared for VCE Mathematical Methods 3 & 4. Special focus is given to:

  • Rising up the knowledge of Linear and Quadratic relations to the highest possible standard, as those two areas are widely used on final VCE examination in Methods 3 & 4 but it is not in program for Methods 3 & 4.
  • Developing algebra and concept based approach to the highest standard.
  • Strategic approach to problem solving, especially textually formulated questions.
  • Presentation of commonly made mistakes and technique how to avoid them.
  • Speeding up in working out questions while still maintaining high level of accuracy and correct expression of mathematical concepts.
  • Dealing with different style of questions.
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